Consumer Technology

Volkswagen’s 3D printed car parts

VW has teamed with Siemens and HP to make lighter car components by 2025.
Medical Technology

3D printed surgical aides

A surgical team in Massachusetts have used 3D modelling to assist a full facial transplant.
3D Printing FilamentEnvironment

Ethical filament for 3D printing

Flakerbot is a machine that can extrude usable plastics from waste collected from landfill.
3D Printing FilamentFuturology

3D printing electronic devices

A Harvard research team wants to bring 3D printed circuit boards to the consumer market.
Consumer TechnologyEngineeringFuturology

Cold Metal Casting

There is something special about the way metal and light dance. Since the beginning of…
FuturologyMedical Technology

3D bioprinting: a new frontier

3D bioprinting opens up whole new areas of research in biomedical engineering.
Consumer Technology

Fashion future: wearable 3D prints

We're seeing a new era of design and manufacture in the fashion industry.
Medical Technology

Podiatry and 3D printed orthotics

Podiatrists can now take 3D optical scans of patients' feet to fast-track orthotics production.

Breakthrough in 3D printing

CLIP creates stronger printed objects by reducing microscopic imperfections.