Medical Technology

Podiatry and 3D printed orthotics

Podiatrists can now take 3D optical scans of patients' feet to fast-track orthotics production.

3D printed food: delicious change

Chefjet was the world’s first 3D food printer aimed directly at consumers.
Medical Technology

3D prints to empower communities

3D printing can provide crucial medical equipment like umbilical clamps to impoverished communities.
Consumer Technology

Volkswagen’s 3D printed car parts

VW has teamed with Siemens and HP to make lighter car components by 2025.
Consumer Technology

Fashion future: wearable 3D prints

We're seeing a new era of design and manufacture in the fashion industry.
FuturologyMedical Technology

3D bioprinting: a new frontier

3D bioprinting opens up whole new areas of research in biomedical engineering.
FuturologyMedical Technology

Bioprinting living tissue: Biobots

3D bioprinting is a promising new application for bioengineering implantable biomaterials.
Medical Technology

3D printed surgical aides

A surgical team in Massachusetts have used 3D modelling to assist a full facial transplant.

Breakthrough in 3D printing

CLIP creates stronger printed objects by reducing microscopic imperfections.