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The team at New Matter have been working hard to design and make available a 3D printer that opens the technology of 3D printing in the home to everybody.

Made possible by their IndieGoGo campaign which raised almost twice their fundraising target, the MOD-t printer allows anyone to create custom 3D printed objects at home. With a price tag of US$249 it is set to be the most affordable and easy to use 3D printer the world has seen, and utilises the same PLA filament found in most 3D printers.

3D Printing for every home

We’ve seen over recent months a push for 3D printing technology to be easier to use and more accessible to your everyday consumer. In order for this to be achieved two main factors need to be addressed: firstly 3D printers need to become more affordable, as with anything aimed at consumers, a hefty price tag often precludes your average buyer from enjoying the technology in their own home. Secondly, the process up until the finished product needs to become simpler and more intuitive, as your average consumer may very well not be a gifted designer or very savvy when it comes to using complex software.

New Matter are aiming to include a software package that makes the design process much more intuitive and simpler, so that a complete novice could dive right in and start printing custom objects right away. Users may also access an online library of 3D designs ready to download and print at the click of a button, or send their own custom designs to friends and family for them to print at home.

What this could mean for consumers

While this is an exciting development, it is limited to only small objects as the build volume is approximately 6x4x5 inches. However there still exist many possibilities for custom designed household objects within this range. The focus seems to be geared more towards introducing the technology to everyday consumers without unleashing the full potential of 3D printing technology. But at a price tag of less than US$300 it is a great achievement.