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The world’s first integrated 3D printer & 3D scanner

To get the best 3D print results, a professional 3D scanner is required. That’s what makes the Blacksmith Genesis a breakthrough as the first of the all-in-one compact 3D scanners and printers on the market.

Weighing only 6 kilograms, and able to be carried snugly under one’s shoulder, the Blacksmith Genesis is a big step forward in the capabilities of 3D printers that are aimed at the consumer market.

It is the most integrated device to date, and comes complete with its own software package and even wifi connectivity and an inbuilt 5 megapixel camera so that any user can monitor the production process in real time using their smart phone.

A new platform

The main innovation that allows for its unique capabilities is its rotating platform, which allows for 360° scans of items placed within the device, to a maximum volume of 6.5 litres. In addition to this it is able to scan most objects in approximately 6 minutes. This puts the Blacksmith Genesis ahead of not only other 3D scanners on the market but also ahead of comparable compact 3D printers.

More possibilities

The compact nature of the Blacksmith Genesis, along with its integrated scanner & software, open up some exciting possibilities for consumers within the realm of consumer grade 3D scanners and printers. For instance, a scanned object may be scaled and printed at a larger or smaller size, and in a relatively short time. Or an object can be scanned and altered using the accompanying software package, allowing for custom objects to be printed. The relative ease with which this can be done is something that would appeal to many consumers given that your average person may not be proficient in 3D design. The Blacksmith Genesis also uses standard PLA filament which is a relatively cheap material to print with, as well as being quite robust. The price tag would also be very appealing, coming in at under AU$3000, making rapid 3D scanning and 3D printing accessible to a wider range of people.