3D Modelling

The importance of good geometry.
Quality 3D modelling is the basis of any good digital or rapid manufacturing venture. Most of the issues that arise in the 3D manufacturing process can be traced back to poor geometry.

CAD and 3D

We offer a range of CAD and 3D modelling tailored to your needs. We can take your 2D sketches, refine them into manufacture-ready CAD and provide proof-of-concept models so your product can reach the market as soon as possible.

Polished Prototypes

Have an existing CAD that won’t print due to geometrical errors? We’ll fix any issues and provide your prototype quickly. Do you need a model rendered for a presentation? We can also apply lighting and textures to have your work looking its best.


3D scans take as little as 2­4 seconds per scan.


~0.1% of object size (down to 0.1mm).


Available in a variety of export formats: STL, OBJ, PLY.

Colour and Realism

We provide full colour and full texture scans.