Moulding & Casting

We like to get our hands dirty.
We’re the experts in casting objects to provide male or female moulds. With a vast range of high quality, locally-sourced materials to fabricate parts or finished products, we can cast complicated geometries to perfect resolution, exceptional detail and within fast turnaround times.

Design Confidence

We believe your moulds are your property and should remain that way. With complete design confidentiality guaranteed, our Moulding & Casting service lets you confidently turn ideas into market-ready products.

Mould Refinement

If you already have a mould, we’ll take care of the messy casting process. If you need to increase production, we’ll replicate existing moulds quickly with our 3D scanning service.

Superfast 3D Scanning

3D scans take as little as 2­4 seconds per scan.

Precise Moulds

~0.1% of object size (down to 0.1mm).


Available in a variety of export formats: STL, OBJ, PLY.

Colour and Realism

We provide full colour and full texture scans.