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Recently we’ve seen a number of interesting crowdfunding campaigns for the development of new 3D printing projects. Here at Brainchild we’ve examined a few of these projects such as the Blacksmith Genesis and the MOD-t 3D printer. 

Crowdfunding has proven itself to be a viable way for designers and engineers to finance projects that push the frontiers of 3D printing. Now, a crowdfunded 3D printer has been developed that may change the way we treat ourselves at breakfast and it’s all in the name: introducing PancakeBot.

Every loves pancakes and everyone loves 3D printing. Now the two are together at last. PancakeBot was designed by the team at StoreBound and promises to deliver one of the most delicious developments in 3D printing technology. After a very successful kickstarter campaign, raising almost $500,000 to realise their project, the PancakeBot is now becoming a reality.
3D printing is a very versatile technology, and one still finding a host of new applications. While many of these applications are important developments in industries such as podiatry and even in medicine, it also holds great potential for creative and fun activities. PancakeBot represents this enjoyable aspect of 3D printing.

Instead of printing with standard filaments such as PLA, PancakeBot uses pancake batter which is stored in specially designed dispenser. The batter is printed directly onto a heated tray which begins the cooking process immediately. The whole printing process is done in accordance with a preselected design for the finished pancake, allowing for personalised cooking. The special software package is what makes this possible. Users are able to upload images via an SD card, and manipulate them on a simple to use screen. It’s then up to the user to design their own culinary delights or to use downloadable designs that can be further altered using the software package.