Finishing Options

Beyond function.
Function is only part of design development and rapid prototyping. After guiding you through the initial stages, our finishing options include a variety of processes t0 enhance the marketability of your object by applying that always important final touch.

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We offer a variety of professional finishing options for your 3D prints. We have the technology and expertise to give your product the texture and aesthetic you desire, giving you the best chance to impress customers or investors.


Our mission is to deliver initial concepts to physical perfection, fast and without unnecessary cost. We’ll assemble and bond your prints for you, giving your pieces their final shape.

Surface Smoothing

Create an even finish without the use of harsh chemicals or sanding. We’ll give your prototype the fine, detailed finish you want.


With a wide range of colours and a highly skilled production team, our painting services can really give your print that special something.


Give your prints the perfect feel with the application of fine, felt­-like fibres for a soft finish and improved grip. Flocking also creates realistic grass­ effects on architectural models.


Make your prints fluid-­tight with our fast and cost effective sealing service, which includes industrial grade products and techniques like epoxy coating and filling.