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There is something special about the way metal and light dance. Since the beginning of civilisation we have been drawn to their grace, and we have employed metals in the creation of our most precious objects; form royal crowns to coinage, literally money itself. Cold metal casting is a fabrication technique which allows us to cast real metal in a way that is faster and far more cost effective than going through a foundry, and far more authentic than a mere paint job.

We start with an object and prepare it for moulding. It can be sculpted, 3D printed or found in the garden. Once the rubber mould has cured, we use real metal dust (gold, iron, copper, brass) combined with resin to reproduce the master. The casts are then polished and the natural lustre of metal is revealed.

By using the cold metal casting technique, we use only a fraction of the metal needed to fill the volume, making it significantly less expensive. We can also use the same mould over and over, and fabricate large sets quickly without retooling. Cold casting is used extensively in film and theatre props, and is also fantastic way to breath life into just about any object.