Casting Service

We like to get our hands dirty

With a vast range of materials to fabricate parts or finished products from, the brainchild-text1 casting service can provide male and female moulds, as well as cast virtually any object. Our process allows us to cast the most convoluted geometries with perfect resolution. By using only high quality and locally sourced materials, we can guarantee consistent casts with exceptional detail and minimal turnaround.

We believe that your moulds are your property and will always remain that way. With complete design confidentiality you can be sure to turn those ideas into products securely and without outlaying huge sums of money. If you already have a mould, we can take care of the messy casting process for you, and if you would like to increase production, we can replicate your existing mould using our 3D scanning service. 

Our casting service is aimed at helping everyone, from sculptors to hobbyists, industrial designers to artists, from jewelers to specialty cake shops.

Share your designs with the world and get your products in stores faster than you imagined possible.

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