3D Scanning Service

Redesign your world

Our highly detailed and rapid 3D scanning service allows us to make precise replicas of small to medium sized objects, in full colour and texture. Are you having trouble sourcing a small part for a vintage car or motorcycle? We can reverse engineer it faster and cheaper than shipping it from overseas. Do you need multiples of a prop for your next performance but don't have the time to craft them individually? We will have them ready long before opening night. Have you designed a provocative piece of street art that you would like to disseminate easily without costing you a fortune? The models get cheaper with every reprint. Also, because our equipment is portable, we can come to you for fast and effective results.

The applications for this process are endless.

Have you ever thought something you owned could be improved or personalised with a few changes? After scanning the object, the file can be imported into a variety of programs to allow for further development and innovation. Slight modifications to tools and objects that are used regularly can make a world of difference to people suffering from conditions that limit mobility, or professionals that find the tools available on the market insufficient.

Whether you are a business looking to re-market your product or someone looking to make things easier for themselves, the brainchild-text1 scanning service offers you a way to achieve this quickly without hassle or costing you an arm and a leg.

  • Super­fast: As little as 2­4 seconds per scan
  • Scan object size ~ 10mm ­ 600mm
  • Resolution: ~0.1% of object size (down to 0.06mm)
  • Precision: ~0.1% of object size (down to 0.1mm)
  • Full colour and texture scans
  • A variety of export formats: STL, OBJ, PLY

If you're interested in mass producing any particular object, check out our casting service.