3D Modeling Service

The importance of good geometry

Good quality 3D modeling is the bases of any good digital or rapid manufacturing venture. Most of the issues that arise later in the manufacturing process can usually be traced back to poorly constructed and analysed geometry.

brainchild-text1 offers a range of CAD and 3D modeling services that can be tailored to your business needs. For those in preliminary design development, we can take your 2D sketches and provide fast proof of concept quality models and refine them into manufacture ready CAD, so your product can reach the market as soon as possible. We can sculpt any concept as well as modify 3D scan data. Check out our 3D scanning service.

Do you have existing CAD that doesn't print due to geometry errors? We can fix any issues you might have with the geometry of your CAD, so we can hand you your prototype fast.

Do you need your model rendered for a presentation? We can also apply lighting and textures to your CAD to have your work looking it's best for your next presentation.

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