Amazing customer service, and quality 3D printing. Helped evaluate best way to bring my uni project for architecture to fruition. Brainstormed together best solution to create cables for suspension bridge components to a 1:100 scale. Feedback from uni: "Beautiful model, great concept..." Couldn't of done it without Phil's 3D printing expertise, with a crazy lead time. Extremely satisfied customer.

Nathan Andrews Evans, Nathan@designaficionado.com.au

I had heard about rapid prototyping and 3D printing before but didn't really understand how it could effect my business, so I booked a free consultation with the Brainchild guys to learn more about it. I explained to them an idea I had for a new product and they immediately got to work. By the afternoon I had a fair quote for the job, the next day they sent me a 3D concept drawing and the day after that I was holding the prototype in my hand. It was just so easy working with the brainchild team and in less than a week I was able to start marketing my new product to clients.

Mr. Lucas Carmona, Production Manager

These guys are really friendly and professional, and you can just tell they love what they're doing. I approached them with a couple of ideas I had and they worked out all the technical stuff for me, kept me informed every step of the way and actually improved upon my initial designs. In the end they saved me a lot of hassle, time and money.

Mr. Benjamin Stelma, Small Business Owner